Sunday, March 29, 2015

Flea Market Sunday

Oh man.  Friday night Sam was sick again. She was rolling on the floor screaming and crying that she was in pain and we were minutes from taking her back to the ER.  (Driving her around made her fall asleep, she seemed better after that.)

Yesterday we had our family Easter.  Grant started acting VERY funny. I thought maybe he was overwhelmed.

By 7 pm he was burning up with fever. He woke up this morning with a 104.


I went out the flea this morning because one of my favorite dealers had promised to hold some fabric for me.  He forgot the fabric, but I was already there so I hiked myself around anyway. IT WAS COLD. 36 with this horrible, wicked wind. My nose was running, my hands were freezing, I was totally under dressed, my eyes were watering and the tears were freezing to my cheeks. I ran that thing so fast my legs are jelly now. LOL

So what did my freezing run yield?

Apparently I am now totally unable to resist ironstone.
Wedgewood ironstone this time, a tureen.
Look at that flower!
I left this quilt after inquiring about the price.  The condition is not "super" (one of the blacks has shattered), and the price was not what I wanted to pay.

After stopping to talk to another favorite (the guy who sells my kids their favorite toys like my little pony and Thomas and pokemon) he reminded me there is no flea next weekend because of Easter.

Oh boy. I hot footed it back to the quilt and forked over the money.

And now? I AM SO GLAD I DID! 

I don't have any hexies in this layout in my collection yet. Isn't she lovely?

The shattered black. There are several of them.

Worth freezing to death.

Yes indeed.

Happy Sunday y'all!


  1. great hexie quilt! I'm sorry to hear about the continuing adventures of the Plague House. I hope warmer weather will give all of you a respite from this cycle.

  2. Gorgeous quilt! Hope the kiddos are feeling better soon! My 19 y/o is home from college sick. I swear it's like having a toddler around!

  3. I haven't bought a quilt in weeks. I think I may die.



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