Thursday, March 26, 2015

Kids. Sleep. Thursdays.

Oh Grant. Dear, Sweet, adorable Grant.  We need to talk dude. This not ever sleeping thing? HAS TO STOP YO.  Not napping? Not cool, but I could make it work. But up ALL THE DAMN NIGHT LONG? No. Just no.  You are 2.5! I should not be getting up with you at least twice a night every.single.night. I am a zombie again. Might as well be catering to a newborn baby!

Speaking of Grant - he calls lemons "watermelons".  We had given him a lemon freeze thing in the car last week and he takes a drink and then says "no beuno watermelon." We about died. LOLOL
Yesterday while we were all NOT napping I gave up and let them play iThings so I could rest for a minute. (I don't have a ton of RA pain anymore, but yesterday my shoulder was freaking KILLING me and one of the things I do deal with every day is tiredness. By 1 pm I REALLY have to have a 60- 90 minute break to regroup.)  So they are sitting there playing and Grant can't make something work and I was refusing to help. Sam takes the iPod and says very seriously, "Grant, let me help you. That's what big sisters are for!"  (Sometimes you wouldn't know they often are fighting/hitting/screaming like cats and dogs still.)
And Sam.  I bought her this giant Mooshka doll at Goodwill yesterday. I had big sewing plans but then I couldn't move my shoulder, so I went thrifting instead. I have loved these dolls since they first came out, but resisted buying her one. We have all sorts of (thrifted) dolls she never plays with already - Bitty Babies, BlaBla, Pottery Barn kids, Madame Alexander. But this was three bucks, so why not, right?  Turns out she LOVES the giant one.
What she likes even better is that now she has "a mommy doll, a little girl doll, and a baby doll".  (The baby is not in the picture, but the midsized ones come with a little puppet.)  She kept saying, "Thank you mommy for my dollie! I love her!".  (That child has manners. Clearly she is not my child. LOL)

Three or four days ago she was arguing about using the potty before bed.  Dave told her she would have to change her sheets if her bed was wet and she says "I have chubby baby hands and I cannot do that!"


Other than that, it's Thursday. I have come to hate Thursday. I am so over the week by Thursday. I call it "no fucks left to give Thursday."

And that's life here right now. You?


  1. Anonymous10:53 AM

    I have read your blog for about a year and have never said anything, but the blogs where you are so exacerbated that you throw in the *F* word and such, makes me laugh hysterically. I know you aren't feeling the same hilarity, but it IS funny. I feel like throwing in the *F* word in person a lot of the time because I two teenagers, and that's a DIFFERENT set of problems. LOL So keep cursing, I need the laughs!

  2. I wish there was a like button for posts because I wanted to like this. The kids are getting so big and Sam is so smart. I love what little kids say (for the most part)! The other day my 3 yr. old niece told her mother "You make me mad" and when my sister questioned her why, she told her mother "because you ruined my life." We have no idea where she learned that from. You scored on the Mooshka Doll...I have loved them ever since they came out and have wanted them for myself but I feel a little bad being a thirty something adult female wanting a stuffed doll


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