Sunday, April 26, 2015

Come flea with me

Yesterday we went to St Louis vintage market days.  Usually I avoid these things like the plague. I do not need to see a bunch of other people making pinterest things - I can do that myself! Or see things that I can usually buy for $10 marked $100. (Without paying admission to do so.) But, this one piqued my interest.

It was actually a lot better than I expected it to be. We wandered in pretty late in the day, so I totally deserved to see that lovely yo yo quilt in someone else's bag!

I took some pictures of some things to share with you. Tomorrow I will show you what I actually did buy at the flea this weekend. 

Also tomorrow, I am having an instagram quilt sale. This is  my first instagram sale, but I have been cleaning out the closets this week and I have a HUGE stack of cutter quilts I need to unload. I will not be adding them to the etsy shop because I just do not make enough money on them to justify the time, but you can find them tomorrow at 7 pm.  There is a preview photo up on instagram already. Makinprojiks over there too. :-)

I don't like the black on this chair, but I do love it's rusticness. What you can't see in the photo are that it has patches sewn onto in places.
Oh. I die.
No really.
Everyone was all "aren't they so cute!" and I was just dying over their cuteness. If I wasn't about to be 40 in 2 weeks I might try to have 20 more kids. LOLOLOL
This was a HUGE old cupboard. Women were always in the way.
I loved her scrappy vintage fabric garland.

Doilies sewn on this cutter quilt was such a cute idea! 
I also loved her yo yo covered bench.
I couldn't get a great photo of this armoire but it was so shapely and lovely. (And only $150.)
Unlike these lockers. A total wet dream. And $950.
GORGEOUS flour can (also too expensive at $50+).
That gold mirror in the back was SUPERB.
This was a shapely thing....
Old rolling cart stuffed with quilts? Yes please.
I took this picture to remind myself to find some chicken wire fabric to sew with.
Dave loved the butcher block top added to this old desk.

They seem to have shows in more than just St Louis, worth a stroll around just for the eye candy!

Back tomorrow, happy Sunday to you!


  1. Yah...I definitely would NOT be avoiding this show. It looks awesome! Can't wait to see what you bought.


  2. Ooh I love those pennants on pillows! So cute. And the doilies on the quilt IS a great idea. Really, really like that one! Looks like this was a really great show. Sometimes just being inspired is enough!

  3. Doilies on the quilts! This is genius! I've wanted to go to this one for awhile. Maybe I'll make it there someday. I'm glad you were able to buy all the things. ;)
    ps. I'm totally with you about the blogging thing. My RA right now is sucking, but not it terms of pain. It's the damn fatigue that's killing me! I clean the kitchen, or take the dogs on a little walk, and then I'm done. Don't even have the mental energy to blog. I don't know how you do it!!!


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