Monday, April 27, 2015

Flea Market Monday

It was a fabric kind of flea market weekend. Because, you know, I was running short and only had 5,000 pounds left in my sewing room. LOL

A lovely cross stitch (probably shop bound and in need of a real frame).
A whole bolt of this GORGEOUS fabric!  Curtains! Pillows!
Even the selvedge text is lovely.
I think there are 12 or 15 of these blocks.  These are actually not the prettiest ones, but they were a hot wreck. I think someone tried that quilt as you go thing, because individual blocks had been quilted. And poorly. Thread tension was awful, the blocks hadn't even been ironed, they were part hand stitched, part knotted up machine stitched messes. I have already ripped all but one of them apart.
Everything after washing.
This print is a lot of kitchen curtains - 4 panels and 2 valances. I think they were made from feedsacks.
You've seen this feedsack here before. The first time I saw them in March they were $15 each. When I bought them earlier this month they were $7 each. Yesterday I bought the last one for $5. It pays to hold out I guess.
I bought two of these southwestern feedsacks too. One for me, one for the shop.
And this loose weave feedsack too!

It's Dave's birthday today - Hapde Burfday to him!  (Although I think we should all just agree to not have birthdays on Mondays. Somehow I have to get a cake made and his special dinner and they kids are  a hot wreck and the laundry is piled up and oh yea, there will be an orthodontist trip in there somewhere too. Yeaup, Monday birthdays should definitely be banished.)


  1. If you decide to sell the curtain let me know I love them.

  2. Those curtains are amazing! I need to find some cute ones for my kitchen window.

    And Happy Birthday to Dave. So happy the cake debacle worked out.


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