Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Grant 2.5 year old portraits

I took Grant to get updated portraits yesterday. Mostly it was an an excuse to get him into the MOST AMAZING vintage jacket EVER. I die over this jacket. Seriously.

He was a little schnitzel! Trying really, really hard NOT to smile. At 2.5 he is just mostly seriously intense. The most intense 2 year old we have ever had. This does not bode well for three. Just sayin'.

This boy.

Also, Target - what is going on with your little boy pants? I mean are they made for a giant? (And Grant is a giant.) Why so long? Are these some kind of weird skinny man pants?

It's a good thing he is damn cute. He was up at 1 am SCREAMING that he needed to get up for the day. And now, because he is exhausted, he has been screaming all bloody morning.

I have to get back to him stat.

P.S. If anyone has any brilliant ideas on where to buy shoes for toddlers that fit roughly a size 8-9 and are made for fat feet with a high instep I am ALL EARS. Regular shoes will not fasten over his instep, or you can't even get his feet in them, and he is about 1mm from outgrowing the "toddler" shoes that are made for those kind of feet. (Hence the sort of don't go with this outfit shoes. This shoe thing with him is seriously hard.)


  1. That jacket is the most adorable jacket EVER! Grant makes quite the handsome model too. Good luck. Fingers crossed that he takes a nap for you.

  2. That jacket is just darling, and even more so on HIM! What a handsome boy.

  3. I am DYING over the cuteness of these photos!! What a sweet handsome little devil :-)


  4. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Stride Rite makes wides that fit over chubby feet. They are all my little guy can wear. Outlet, store or online.

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