Monday, April 20, 2015

Party napkin collection

That unassuming little green box held the sweetest little history treasure trove of party napkins!

(Only one Halloween, and too bad it's not a 1940s version!)

This little cake is what sold me on the box.

There are more than one of most of them, so I think a pack of them might be headed to the shop.

After I deal with the laundry, repaint the door I was painting that Grant smeared purple chalk all over after the first coat, take Grant for updated portraits, get Sammi back from school, file my mother's taxes...oh, who am I am kidding. LOL


  1. A collection after my own know I love this one.

  2. What a great assortment of vintage napkins!

  3. The ONE and only thing we have (literally not even a photo) from my grandparents' wedding is one of the party napkins with their names & the date. SO glad someone saved that!

  4. Birthday party napkins are a new collection of mine. They are so dang hard to find around here!


  5. What a great collection. I have a weakness for these too so that would have definitely come home with me!


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