Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A mini quilt, the patriotic tree & the swap deadline

My SIL is having a baby and she asked for something "vintagey that represents St Louis" to hang in his room.

Man, I struggled with that request for a long time. One day while surfing Ebay I stumbled on this mini Cardinals football flag. The football cards are long gone from St Louis, but as you know, are now in Phoenix. And my in laws all happen to be in Phoenix.

Perfect! It connects the dots between the two cities.

I sat down with my sketch pad and starting sketching up ideas for a mini quilt. I chose a block that reminds me of the spokes of a bike wheel, since his parents are avid bike riders.

It was a little extra challenging since I had to use my back up machine since the Bernina is STILL in the shop (for just a cleaning, do not even get me started on the insanity of this system!*). But in the end I think it turned out super sweet.
St Louis Spoke mini quilt
14 inches square
vintage felt mini pennant
Machine quilted, hand applique
Finished May, 2015

Yesterday I reclaimed a feather tree from my mother and painted it blue. I've wanted a blue tree for the summer months since last year.

It's all decorated up for the patriotic summer holidays and waiting for some new handmade goodness!

We have six, maybe 7, swappers. Swap sign ups will close this evening, welcome emails will go out tomorrow morning.  I can't wait to add something new to this tree!

*Why, oh WHY, do they make you leave the machine there endlessly for a cleaning? Why don't you just make an appointment and show up then and leave it for the day? You don't leave your car at the mechanic endlessly like this for an annual inspection! It only takes an hour for goodness' sake.  There are no Bernina dealers on my side of the river, so I have to drive to the city and then wait almost a month. It's totally inexcusable really.  These are $$$ machines.  If you follow me on instagram yesterday you saw a total melt down because my back up machine will not work. I had a bad, bad day with the kids (all home now), I have PMS,  Grant slept all of 3 hours or something the night before, I am trying not to emotionally eat and I SERIOUSLY NEED TO SEW. Argh.


  1. Good point about the car! Why in the heck do they have to have it for so long?! Don't they realize that is your sanity they are keeping hostage?


  2. That quilt turned out so well. What a beautiful keepsake and I love how you used the Cardinals football flag. Brilliant idea to spray paint your feather true blue! It's perfect for summer decorating. We'll be traveling in July to CO and WY and I'm not even going to decorate my year-round tree, or I'd totally participate in your swap.


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