Thursday, May 28, 2015

The gypsy caravan

Memorial day Monday means the gypsy caravan if you live in St Louis.  I say this every year, but meh. What was once a really great antique show is now really marginal. It's filled with socks, crap made in China, coupon stockpiles, and just regular flea market junk.  Which I tolerate fine at a regular flea market, but NOT at one I have just paid $20 to get into.

I always manage scrounge up a few things, and frankly I only blog them so that when next Memorial Day rolls around I can look back and decide if I really want to be bothered with going.

This year:

A bag of ornaments.
A box of ornaments.
My favorite find in a long, long time! A very sweet watercolor plus frame.
A cotton glittery snowman.
A sweet shelf for Sam. (New, made in china I am sure. And blurry. I totally have given up on the photo thing.)
And a toddler quilt. It's really worn in the center, but the price was right...
And I could not resist these sweet animals.

Until next year.


Probably not.

If you could park when it was only $10 to get in, then maybe. But  no way I am going to try and carry all that junk on a long, crowded bus ride into the venue. We tried that one year and Dave ended up walking miles with all the junk. Oy.

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