Monday, June 29, 2015

Flea market Monday

Or a bunch of random:

Not twins (everyone still asks me that every day) wearing stripes.

I love that she falls asleep with her light on so I get to see her sleeping every day. She is working HARD to learn sight words right now.

I thrifted this awesome pair of Roos. Too bad they are only a 6.5. Headed to eBay soon. 
We went to a huge garage sale and grant choose an iron and ironing board. He calls it his sewing and he does it right next to me in the sewing room while I sew. I took down he baby gates to that room last week. It's weird. The house feels so big. The kids were ready for the responsibility of being allowed in there, though, and it's worked out fine.

This is what I bought at the garage sale. A green picnic Tim has been on my list forever! Those tinsel trees in the back are so awesome. I was moaning as I walked up because another set was walking out with someone else and then I spotted these. Score! They were pricy new.

My only flea market buy was this frame, it's been painted white (which meh, I prefer things in their original state in my old age, but this was hunter green.) I am working on framing some extra large prints I had tucked away in my sewing room. 
Like this, which I flipping love! Gorgeous.

Off for a field trip with the kids, happy Monday!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Patriotic swap 2015

How about some patriotic swap ornaments today?

I made paper hats with Dresden boys on them. The boys reminded me of a parade.

The others:
Wreath from Michelle & Ashley;
Kitty from Michaele;
Denim flower front...
and back from Mikey;
Megan sent us three things! I used to LOVE those pins when I was in middle school! (Some of the flowers were different too);
Ball jar from Michelle & Ashley (this is a very creative way to use old stamps, I never know what to do with them. There is clear vinyl on the front of the jar);
These stunners from Tamera...

So cute right?
And Lady Liberty from Beth.

Thank you to EVERYONE! These are so darling and I cannot wait to do it again next year. :-)

Friday, June 26, 2015


Braces today. 

Flea market Sunday on Thursday

Hey, it's summer, who even knows what day it is, right?
Dave picked me these pretty wild sweet peas after the flea last weekend.
This little bugger was my "junk holy grail." I saw one on Heidi's blog many years ago and decided 
I needed one. Turns out that it takes about eight years of looking in every.single. pile of cookie cutters before you will find one. And what do I do now that I have it? Quit junking? Lol

I could not believe my ears when I heard the price of this Pyrex Delphite set. I never buy Pyrex anymore (most of mine was given away or banished to the basement after we moved), but I love my jadeite bowls. And these? Even better! 
Lord only knows why I hung this signature quilt up so crooked.

I bought it just before we left. I actually was thinking the bills were going to be my only buy that day!

Off to the movies with these fighting children.
That should be fun. 😁

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Hapde Father's Day

 I didn't do anything for Father's Day this year.

No crafts with the kids. No presents.

Not on purpose really, but the days are just kicking my ass and slipping away faster than I can blink right now.
 It certainly doesn't mean that the time and effort Dave spends on the kids is not worthy and important.

It is.

But right now it is very much the work of life - dishes and diapers, errands and tantrums, dinners and dance parties, math problems and dress up.
We love you dad! Thank you.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Let's go to the zoo. In the rain.


Arthritis killing.

Stir crazy.

Took kids to zoo in the rain. Be prepared for a zillion photos, the kids and the animals were quite photogenic yesterday!

Still love this bug quilt.

The hippos are my favorite. Don't they look happy?

We have a new polar bear and a new polar bear exhibit, because it was raining it was easy to get close to him.

He wanted to eat Ginty.

No really.

One redheaded little boy for lunch please!

Thank goodness it's Friday.