Monday, June 29, 2015

Flea market Monday

Or a bunch of random:

Not twins (everyone still asks me that every day) wearing stripes.

I love that she falls asleep with her light on so I get to see her sleeping every day. She is working HARD to learn sight words right now.

I thrifted this awesome pair of Roos. Too bad they are only a 6.5. Headed to eBay soon. 
We went to a huge garage sale and grant choose an iron and ironing board. He calls it his sewing and he does it right next to me in the sewing room while I sew. I took down he baby gates to that room last week. It's weird. The house feels so big. The kids were ready for the responsibility of being allowed in there, though, and it's worked out fine.

This is what I bought at the garage sale. A green picnic Tim has been on my list forever! Those tinsel trees in the back are so awesome. I was moaning as I walked up because another set was walking out with someone else and then I spotted these. Score! They were pricy new.

My only flea market buy was this frame, it's been painted white (which meh, I prefer things in their original state in my old age, but this was hunter green.) I am working on framing some extra large prints I had tucked away in my sewing room. 
Like this, which I flipping love! Gorgeous.

Off for a field trip with the kids, happy Monday!


  1. Amazing scores. The perfect photo for the perfect frame!

  2. Love Grant and his ironing board. Too cute!

    I have "twins"...they are 11 months and 10 days apart.

  3. I found that same picnic basket at an estate sale a few years ago. I paid a whole buck! It's awesome. Glad you got to mark it off your list.

    People seriously ask if Hanna and I are twins. We are ten years apart. I am flattered. She is horrified.


  4. Great score on the trees! Grant and the ironing board...adorable!


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