Friday, June 26, 2015

Flea market Sunday on Thursday

Hey, it's summer, who even knows what day it is, right?
Dave picked me these pretty wild sweet peas after the flea last weekend.
This little bugger was my "junk holy grail." I saw one on Heidi's blog many years ago and decided 
I needed one. Turns out that it takes about eight years of looking in every.single. pile of cookie cutters before you will find one. And what do I do now that I have it? Quit junking? Lol

I could not believe my ears when I heard the price of this Pyrex Delphite set. I never buy Pyrex anymore (most of mine was given away or banished to the basement after we moved), but I love my jadeite bowls. And these? Even better! 
Lord only knows why I hung this signature quilt up so crooked.

I bought it just before we left. I actually was thinking the bills were going to be my only buy that day!

Off to the movies with these fighting children.
That should be fun. 😁

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  1. super cookie cutter and glad that search has finally ended!


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