Sunday, June 28, 2015

Patriotic swap 2015

How about some patriotic swap ornaments today?

I made paper hats with Dresden boys on them. The boys reminded me of a parade.

The others:
Wreath from Michelle & Ashley;
Kitty from Michaele;
Denim flower front...
and back from Mikey;
Megan sent us three things! I used to LOVE those pins when I was in middle school! (Some of the flowers were different too);
Ball jar from Michelle & Ashley (this is a very creative way to use old stamps, I never know what to do with them. There is clear vinyl on the front of the jar);
These stunners from Tamera...

So cute right?
And Lady Liberty from Beth.

Thank you to EVERYONE! These are so darling and I cannot wait to do it again next year. :-)


  1. Super cute! Can't wait to see how everything looks on your tree!

  2. They are all fabulous. Can't wait to see them on your tree too!


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