Monday, July 27, 2015

Flea market Sunday on Monday

The kids only have one more Friday of summer camp just as I have finally started to get my yard sale groove on. It only takes one good sale, as evidenced by all this loot!

That cellophane bag is holding a super thin ornament, the horns on the bottom are metal. I am not in love with them, but the paint is charming enough to keep them from the donation bag for now.
I am pretty sure I have seen these Santa costumes in my Halloween collectibles book. Finding one has been on my list forever, and when I saw the pic of it in the ad, I got my behind there as soon as I could.
I think this is actual art And not a print, but I thought it would be sweet in sammi's room.  Her room is nearly done and I haven't found a place for it in there yet though.
These cuties are shop bound. 
This little table is adorable. I think it will live in the living room once I make over that room. The can on top is super heavy and totally amazing. I  cannot even believe I scrounged it out of a basement for two dollars. The st Charles dairy used to be located not far from us. 

I am still knee deep in totally redoing our house! I have two more rooms done and will be back with those soon!


  1. That dairy time is so awesome! It would make cool umbrella holder bu the front door.


  2. Enjoying watching your room redo. I have one room I want to flip a bit...still on a fabric search for it first. Love the dairy tin.

  3. Oh, those stripey ornaments! And that can is super neat.


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