Monday, July 13, 2015

Project paint: the foyer edition

When Dave asked me what I wanted for my 40th birthday, I said I wanted the bathroom painted.

It wasn't the only thing I have been itching to paint though. In fact, my list is six rooms long.

The bathroom is done but I am still waiting on a canvas I ordered to go in there, so how about we look at the foyer instead?

I am just going to say right now I am still unsure about this color. This was the first space we painted what I think of as "my yellow" when we remodeled the house. Seeing my yellow in this space it really start to feel like home.

Six years of kids and high traffic left it a mess and I was getting tired of touching up the paint.  I stuck a blue paint chip up in there over a year ago after seeing a GORGEOUS blue house in Martha Stewart Living.

Spurred on by all the tv ads for how durable the new fangled paint is I took it all down this weekend and painted it.

A blurry before (really only taken to help me rehang all that stuff!).
The yellow was warm and cheerful.

And after:
The color is pale flower from Lowes. I don't know which company because I had them mix it in Valspar Reserve. (It was a historic color, I remember that much.)
I had to repaint the dresser too. I really did prefer that thing in blue.

That shelf is working very well for holding a million messy kids shoes. Each kid knows where his/her shoes are, and they do get returned there. It doesn't exactly look tidy, but whatever.
Hopefully my canvas will arrive soon and I can show you the bathroom!
Next up on the hit list - basement stairwell, Grant's room, the living room and Sam wants her room pink.
If I live that long? Painting is hard work man!  I knew there was a reason I asked for it as a gift. Hmmmm.


  1. I need to repaint my whole house but finding the time is horrible with me working all week and every weekend being busy with graduation parties, holidays, and other events. I also need to purge and clean. I can't wait for more reveals, it looks nice. I really loved your folk art duck in the bathroom.

  2. I love the blue, Sarah but I totally get how you are kind of missing the yellow.

    Painting sucks. But the end result and how clean everything feels is totally worth it. I'm curious to know how the durable paint stands up to the kids.


  3. I hate to paint. And I always marvel when I read the Nester or some other IG or blog and they're like, "I just got a wild hair and painted a room this morning". How does that even happen? When I paint it is HOURS because I have to move heavy furniture and dust all the baseboards and wipe down the walls and take everything off the walls and flat surfaces and dig out the painting supplies and then paint forever and then clean EVERYTHING all back up again and on and on and it is just no quick little one morning job, by any stretch of the imagination! I need to repaint my laundry room but the odds of getting all of that done during a naptime are seriously slim.

  4. I like the blue, it's rich looking. LOL! Nice work!


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