Thursday, July 30, 2015

Project Paint: the long hallway

It's been two weeks now without our second car.

I am not going to lie - it's getting ugly. I have tried hard to keep busy, but I am starting to just be physically exhausted from the work of painting. (It is like moving without the truck.) I have four rooms done and four to go. I've basted a quilt, made small sewing projects but LORDY give me back the car!  The back to school stuff is starting with a vengeance and my kids don't even have a pencil yet. The supply lists are miles long too.

Anyway. The hallway went from yellow to white. The last yellow room is the living room.(One of the biggest jobs and the most dreaded.)

 This was the hallway before the remodel - just for fun.

I rearranged all the frames, weeding out ones I just didn't like anymore.

 It's very bright in there now!

Sammi's room is done too. It took FOUR DAYS to clean out the messes in there!  I am waiting on her rug to arrive, then I can show it to you.
Jack's room is up next. I have a plan for colors and layout and a few upgrades. I suggested he spend the morning today starting to weed out stuff he doesn't need or want anymore.

Want to know what's in that pile?
Good luck to me! LOL


  1. Nice job on your hallway! Painting is not fun. Hope your car is up and running soon!

  2. I can't believe the transformation of your hallway! I love how bright it is. God dang, Sarah. Where the heck are you finding all this energy and motivation? Send me some.



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