Tuesday, August 04, 2015

A first for Sammi - a haircut!

Sammi's hair is still so baby fine despite my hoping it might thicken up a bit eventually. She has become quite the pain in the rumpus about combing, so one day one when we were carless we went on a VERY long walk to get her hair cut.

She had been asking to go to the beauty salon for awhile now anyway (she got the idea from her American Girl catalogs).

It was a little nerve wracking, but I decided to just cut it all off.

She loves her spunky short hair.
I love not battling over a very messy head every day!

Hard to believe this coming year is her last year of preschool too. Where is the time going?!?!


  1. This is one of the most precious thing I've seen! You tell Sammi that I think she looks like an American Girl!!


  2. I love it! She looks like a big girl. :)


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