Thursday, August 13, 2015

Flea market finds

Last Saturday night I had been up half the night in pain. After an hour of being awake sammi came wandering in saying she had to throw up and then I spent the next two hours with her in the bathroom.

By the time morning rolled around I was not sure I would live, much less make it to the flea. But I needed a break, so off I went. If you can't get your behind out there by six am you can forget about buying. I still visit with all my favorite vendors though.

The grand haul?
A super sweet old pair of kitchen curtains. (Too bad these never fit our huge windows.)

An old metal towel bar.
And a maybe old, maybe not old huge drug bottle. The label says it treats lumbago among other things. When I was a kid my grandpa would always ask if you had the lumbago if you were sick, so home it came.

Yesterday the kids started school and I was still thinking I would get to slow the hell down. But I had a bunch of small projects to finish for Jack's room, then the washing broke while full of water and dirty clothes and on and on. I might be silly enough to think I could sit down today but grant needs a hair cut, there's the laundry mess from yesterday and the floors are covered in food. (But vacuuming means cleaning up toys. Or more accurately driving more toys to goodwill. Lol)


  1. I think those darling curtains could make a lovely apron. Simplicity has a retro apron pattern from the '40s. It is $17.95, but when Joann's does its .99 patterns, it'd be worth a trip.

  2. Those curtains are amazing! It's a good thing I follow your Etsy shop just in case they show up!

    Feel better!


  3. And meant to comment that Sammi is SO grown up...letting you know that she needed to throw up in time to get to the bathroom. A rather large milestone for moms.


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