Monday, August 03, 2015

Flea Market Sunday

School starts in nine days and I am starting to think about getting the shop running full force again.

I am partially spurred on by my desire to completely redo my living room - which is going to take cash. But also, I feel like the whole summer is over and I did virtually no junking!

Dave and I went way out in the country to a little town with 148 people to hunt inventory.

Most of what I bought was for the shop or the kids (I scored HUGE on tons of Gymboree for the little kids), but a few things for me managed to sneak in.
This super wide silk ribbon is pure perfection. It's actually double this width. I am sure it was sashing for dresses? 
Sort of a crummy photo because the glass on the frame part is convex. She is really lovely and headed for the foyer mirror collection.
This cutie pie puzzle has shape pieces - a heart, an ice cream cone, a bird. Already in Sammi's room on her shelves.
The old sugar eggs are so hard to find! I am always amazed that they survived.
I haven't bought glasses in FOREVER. I will have to get rid of something in the cabinet to make room for these beauties.
Suddenly I am like the home for wayward lard cans. This one is half the size of the one we are using as a trash can. The blue enamel is the most gorgeous blue color. It's homeless for now, but I have my eye on a blue living room rug, so maybe it's destined for there.
This quilt. I saw a bird quilt sell on instagram for a lot of money a few weeks ago. At first I dismissed it, but I was SO HOT and thirsty I absolutely could not think. It's machine quilted and appliqued and not what I would usually buy.

Then I Started second guessing and thinking well, that quilt is totally saleable. It's more than I pay for things I am trying to sell, but aim high Sarah!

So I went to get more cash and went back and bought it. As I unfurled it for pre-purchase inspection I felt it - that oh no! I am in love with this quilt flutter. Hurry up and run away with it before anyone else sees it!
So.  For now it's mine.
And I am completely utterly torn!

Okay, I have been working all morning, my house is a hundred shades of torn up as we are desperately trying out furniture arrangements to find something that REALLY works in the living room and I need breakfast! Happy Monday to you.

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  1. So wasn't your mission to find things to sell in your Etsy shop? HA! Doesn't look like that worked out for you, did it :-)

    That quilt is amazing. I'd definitely hang onto it for a while. I'm sure you are running low on them...



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