Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Flea market Sundays

I have no kids for  few hours on Friday mornings, so I am trying to hit garage sales while the season is still on.

Last week was one of my best linen weeks EVER.  Just two sales yielded a ton of treasure! 

Pumpkin crepe paper streamers. (Almost Halloween swap time!)
The blue and green blankets on the right. I already had the purple (and have sold the green in the past).  Now I just need a pink one to have a complete collection!

A sweet tablecloth for me.
Some vintage fabric scraps.
And then the feedsacks. There are two of each pattern. 

A pile of tablecloths to sell.
And more! The green is a keeper for now.
I am slowly changing my quilt collection too. Getting rid of some that are the wrong era, more suited to cutting, or just are ready to move on. That makes room for new ones to love - like this fabulous blue star!

Such a beauty.

Back tomorrow with Jack's finished room. Yesterday I emptied the living room. Onward with project paint!


  1. That green would be a keeper with me too.

  2. I have that green one too! Some of my favorite sales included linen hauls. I can't believe all those feedbacks!!


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  6. I'm in love with all the linens! You find some incredible stuff. The blue star quilt blows me away, too

  7. Okay. The linens are great, I love them, and it's wonderful that you found them all in just two sales, but..... I'm dying over the pumpkin crepe paper rolls! They make my heart beat a little faster. :-)


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