Sunday, August 30, 2015

Flea market Sundays

So, we spent yesterday painting and making over grant's room. 

If you are counting that's the seventh room in eight weeks. 

Plus I redid the pantry (no paint) and cleaned out the kitchen cupboards and touched up some paint in there too.

I am dead.ass.tired.

We still need to get our basement steps painted (desperately), but I would really like to try and hire that job out.  And our bathroom ceiling needs repair, but that has to wait until fall because we need all new drywall there.

Anyway. I had to drag myself to the flea this morning (quite literally) because I had arrAnged for a dealer to bring me a mirror I needed for the living room  makeover. 

I managed to buy 11 yards of amazing vintage fabric while I was there. I have not had a good fabric score at this flea in years! Happy dance there.
And the mirror I needed for the other side of the living room window.

We are transitioning grant to a twin bed from the crib, so things might be hairy this week (after a very bad night last night he is currently napping in said bed), but I hope to be back tomorrow to open the Halloween swap.

Happy Sunday to you!

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