Sunday, August 23, 2015

Project paint: a more mature space for Jack

Room five on the finish list was an update for jack. At first he expressed NO interest in having a room redo, but after Sammi's room was done he wanted in.

His first request was for lime green paint (!!). We compromised with grey paint and green stuff.
I made him a pillow with a Mollie makes constellation kit in the center.
Moved his bed to the corner to free up floor space like we did for Sammi.

Linens are all stuff we owned. I saw some cute stuff in target, but he is particular about what he sleeps with and declined any changes.

Dave made a little book house for him above the bed since he lost his end table.  The old drawers are holding the beginnings of a Lego architecture collection.
Never mind the dirty laundry. For awhile he used this enamel table top as a desk. It was always, always messy. He does homework in the kitchen, so it is up as a magnet board.
He traded the desk for a bean bag chair. 

I made him curtains with some fabric he loved at Walmart (which are a few inches too short, the ones u the bed are too skinny Bc there was not enough fabric in Walmart!). And we moved the fish tank in there for him.

The kids have really done an amazing job purging stuff from their rooms. Jack mentioned yesterday that it is so easy to keep his room clean all the time now. This room was a good first step in 
Letting go for me. Most of the choices were his and his things are placed where he wants them, not me.

We finished painting the living room this weekend and have it put back together as far as we can get it until the IKEA opens here in town in about six weeks. Then we spent this morning (four ridiculous hours!) cleaning up the playroom. We got rid of another full van load of junk from there too. That room is nowhere near the "can the kids clean this up alone in ten minutes" rule, but we are going to live with it for a month and go from there. 

Beyond that we only have two more spaces needing paint! 


  1. Great room for Jack! Love the colors choices and that pillow!

  2. Another great job Sarah! I love the old drawers on the walls! Now I think I'm going to have to hunt some down. I'm sure it was hard to give up control to Jack, but I bet it made him proud. Can't wait to see the living room!


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