Tuesday, September 22, 2015

40th birthday quilt, Liberty fabrics posie

Goodness, this quilt has been a long time in the making. Stopping to paint the whole house was a long delay.

I've long dreamed of owning a little bit of Liberty tana lawn. Around my birthday in May I decided to use some money I had earned and buy myself some. A 40th birthday deserves a special quilt right?

It's even bound in Liberty.

The pattern is posie from fat quarter style.
The centers are cotton couture.
This pattern was easy enough, but seemed to take a long time coming together.

If you followed along on Instagram you know I had drama after drama regarding the field fabric. I ended up with a screen print from architextures. It's the same on the back.

It's pretty. But right now I do not feel crazy in love with it.

The Liberty was challenging and it's not what I envisioned I think.

I do have a fair amount of fabric left over and could surely make another quilt with it, but we shall see if I ever do. I tend to use fabrics once and then move on. Life is short and my quilt list is long!

(I am already working on the next one.) :)


  1. It's beautiful! Love the vintage vibe it seems to have. Love it.

  2. Love this! Bummer it didn't turn out the way you had hoped but it's still gorgeous!

    Enjoy it :-)


  3. It turned out quite lovely.

  4. I think it's gorgeous, I would love to get a present like that for my 40th birthday. Your talent is amazing.


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