Monday, September 07, 2015

61 miles of broiling yard sales

This weekend was the annual 61 mile yard sale.  This used to really signal the end of the prime junking season for me, but there are still a few good sales coming up.

For a few years this sale has been SO tragically bad. This year I was doing the happy dance.
A million yards of an apparel gingham fabric.

A faded cutter chenille, a feedsack, some plaid fabric trim and my current obsession - a border print pillowcase.

A new breadbox and a new canister set. Which happen to match each other.
A creamware bowl that I LOVE (And paid quite a lot for actually), a juice pitcher and a milkglass planter. We cleaned off my kitchen window and put all African violets in those flower pots there, so finding another one was on my list.
A bag of the best antique metal Christmas tinsel EVER. Loads of it. Metal icicles and, wait for it, a 4 foot aluminum Christmas tree!
A box of pink depression glass.
Plus 4 new kitchen chairs which I am working on making over (have been on instagram) and the sweetest pair of religious pictures with stars. I went back 40 miles for those, they were calling me.
I will close the Halloween swap this evening and send out emails. There are still a few spots left if you are on the fence!


  1. I can't wait to see how those chairs turn out! I am in need of a good junk run in a bad way. Our local antique festival is coming up soon and I plan on being there at the crack of dawn. I need chairs too!


  2. Wow an aluminum tree, what a find! Did you get it for $2.00 like Shara did? I have that same breadbox, didn't know they had matching canisters, I NEED them lol


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