Thursday, September 03, 2015

Around the house

How about some things that have been going on around here?

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Grant is in love with this "Cookie Monster" hat he found in goodwill. He's starting to enjoy dressing up.
He woke up with a totally dry diaper yesterday, so I sent him to school in underwear. The teacher has been telling me to do it for weeks, but honestly I have tried potty training here at home and it always ends in a mess. Sometimes he seems ready and then sometimes not at all. Anyway, the only way I could think to let the teacher know he didn't have a Diaper was with tape on his back! (I use the carpool drop off because it's an easier transition for him, so I don't see the teacher.) 
He is so much like Jack at this age! He loves helping daddy. This was the new shelf for his room. (Which is almost photo ready.)
Even though it means only having three hours a week with no kids, I arranged the preschool schedules so that sammi and I have one morning alone. This is her last year before kindy. We use that time to craft. Well, I plan ONE craft and then Sam wants to do twenty crafts. Last week we made this house pillow from the crafternoon kits at Joann.
A few weekends ago we cleaned out the playroom. Rearranging all of the upstairs rooms meant things had been torn up down there too. We used parts in other rooms upstairs, we needed to move down the big rug, etc. We got rid of about 50% of the toys. We could likely get rid of more, but we are finally nearing the point where it's easy to clean up down there.

I have honestly taken goodwill that the kids at the drop off now say "what have you brought us today?" Hmmmmm.
I put a lot of the vintage fisher price together on one shelf and it's love, love for that. Grant and Sam play with these toys a lot, unlike Jack, who never touched them.

Tomorrow is the sixty mile yard sale. It's sort of the ceremonial end of the summer junking season, which is boo, but I am ready for a break from the kids for the day!

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