Saturday, September 26, 2015

Hapde Burfday Grant! 3

 Today Grant turns 3.
 Having three kids has been a crazy ride.
 But a wonderful kind of crazy ride.

I still get all upset when I see his newborn photos, thinking of that day, how scary it was, how much damage was done in those hours, but then we take him to the zoo and he amazes me and makes me laugh and it's all forgotten again.
 We had a family only Thomas party. He wanted that train on the cake SO BAD.

 He even smiled this year for the annual "see how you've grown" hippo photos.
 But what he really wanted was to ride the train. Dave asked the engineer if he could blow the horn and they said yes, but when he got in the engine he panicked so Dave did it for him. We will try again next year.
 He thought feeding the birds little bits of popcorn was the most amazing thing ever. He kept saying to this mean big bird, "come here big one!"
Dearest Grant,

Today you are three!  This is the end of the babyhood. The year you leave behind diapers and other more baby things and start really moving into being a preschooler.

Sometimes it's hard to be the baby, you don't get to do everything everyone else does, but no one is better suited to that job than you! You fit right in there like peas and carrots and you make sure you are not forgotten.

At three you are:
*obsessed with trains, trucks, and all things mechanical
*musical, you love to dance, a current fav is Annie, old school 1982 style, "its a hard knock life" can often be heard coming from you
*stubborn as hell
*know your ABCs
*sleeping in a big boy bed
*still HUGE, almost as big as Sammi
*using the potty at school, but not at home
*a real pain in the butt at bedtime
*always asking for more snuggles with Daddy
*a GREAT helper - carrying groceries, cleaning up, doing jobs
*always asking for two of everything - two lollipops, two trains
*currently wrestling with your siblings like wild animals
*friendly! You love waving to everyone
*still think if you turn your head no one can see you
*into bugs, dirt, digging
*an adventurous eater (Indian anyone?)
*when I was making your birthday shirt you kept saying "is that my number three quilt mama?"
*always cracking me up with your curious observations and questions
*my precious baby! my last baby, the one who gets away with so much more than Jack ever did, the spitting image of your father, the greatest number 3 I could I ever imagine.

I love you baby,


  1. Happy Birthday Grant! Such s sweet baby growing into a s weeter boy.

  2. Happy birthday Grant. I love watching your kids grow up.


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