Monday, September 14, 2015

Project paint: grant's room grows up

Grants room has been painted very dark grey since we were expecting Sam. I am LOVING the bright white! He has adjusted to the twin bed with no problems. We still need the rocker for him at story time and we still are in diapers, but those things are easily removed down the line. 

Curtains made from vintage fisher price sheet. (The camera doesn't like the window light apparently.) if you are wondering what's going on with that window it's a piece of black out fabric tacked up there. Lol
This weathered wood shelf is from Walmart of All places, it's a better homes and gardens line and it's perfect in here. I went with a loose transportation theme based on the curtains. 

I switched out the flash cards in his nursery frames and bought that street sign at a yard sale.

His IKEA rug was already in there, target had the perfect transportation sheets. The night stand was already in there too, I just Painted  it white and changed the knob. He loves the felt ball garland from sheep farm felt on etsy.

I would've loved to have had a bunch of old signs on this wall but I don't own any and sharp edges next to a bouncing kid make me nervous. These colorful decals are from Amazon and  work just as well.

He is doing a great job keeping it clean! He is able to do it all by himself, which I love.

Aside from waiting for IKEA to open so I can finish the living room, we are all done upstairs. I finished the last of the basement yesterday and I have a lot of thoughts on this whole process coming soon. 

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