Thursday, October 29, 2015

On the second day of Halloween

On the second day of Halloween, the great pumpkin gave to me:

One autumn leaf quilt ready for binding;

One round of pin and pound pumpkins to stop the bickering;

One return of the costume mask clothes line (I was sure I would thrift something for that wall, but nothing turned up this year.);

One ladder of plastic costumes;

More die cuts but in an impossible to photograph place;
A one armed pumpkin man;

The last of the die cuts;

And pumpkin products.

I think it's going to rain on Halloween. Serious bummer.


  1. I had a one armed Santa that is put together similar to your one arm pumpkin man (I have pumpkin man). I took his arm in and made a color copy and mounted it on cardstock. He is now as good as new.

  2. We are supposed to get 4-6" of rain on Halloween. Ok, I get that I live in Oregon but really? It's not like I am going trick or treating but I feel bad for the poor kiddos and parents that are!

    Love that little pumpkin project. Gotta remember to do that with Norah when she gets older.



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