Monday, November 23, 2015

Flea market Sunday

This week was my chance at th only thing like a holiday show we have locally. I sort of gorged on vibrate Christmas.

German santas. There was a big one too, but I waffled and waffled and then once I decided I was an idiot he was gone. Oops.

Little sparklies.

Teeny, tiny pine cones.

Teeny, tiny houses/mangers.
Eek! I die.

 Been looking for these forever, too bad there were no canaries in the box.

Too cheap to pass up.

Somewhere I have more clips I hope will work with these. The candles are metal over a wood dowel. The tips were once very glittery.

Hello big Italian mouse.

Antique feather tree? Yes please!

The sweetest doll quilts ever. No really. Often doll quilts are just left over quilt pieces thrown together. These were made with so much care and thought. 

German Easter scrap.

These are totally ending up as patriotic ornaments.

This is the teeniest tree topper ever.

The Czech ornament group on the right is really awesome. A bird cage! A peacock! An elephant!

I am scrambling to get my sewing room put back together before thanksgiving dinner. Sam is sick again, we've visited Santa, taken turkey photos, had an orchestra concert and so much more. I better get on the blogging wagon this week!


  1. You did extremely well with all your vintage holiday goodies. Those rabbits! Swoon.

  2. Amazing finds! Each and every one! Hope Sammie feels better soon!

  3. Amazing finds! Each and every one! Hope Sammie feels better soon!

  4. Funny how we each found bird clips this week! Love those patriotic cut outs.



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