Sunday, November 01, 2015


Halloween was full of the usual Halloween chaos.
Pumpkin carving.
 They wanted to smell them. And touch them, but only a little.

 Jack fished out the seeds for baking since he is the only one who eats them.
 Sam wanted a kitty pumpkin.

This was supposed to be a bought costume year (I try to alternate), but I ended up making two of them.
 Sam wanted to be a bee. A QUEEN BEE. Not just any bee. Do not forget the queen part. She let all the neighbors know she was the QUEEN bee. She was totally into this Halloween thing, running from house to house and yelling HAPPY HALLOWEEN! to everyone. Awesome. The picture of her smiling was blurry. boo.

 Jack was bacon and an egg. It was hard to see what it was once he was holding his bag all night.

 Grant REALLY wanted to be No Noggin from Curious George, but it would've been too hard for a little dude to wear all night. I convinced him to be George instead.

"What's he doing up there mom?"

It took him awhile to get the hang of the trick or treat thing and he tired out pretty fast, but he refused to stop going. If he saw the others going for more candy he would eventually say, okay! I am going! And then come trudging up as they were leaving. LOL

I am ready to take all this stuff down and go back to the white walls. I took the Christmas card photos today while it's still warm, so I am not making much progress yet.


  1. I need to take my Halloween down today. I'm contemplating not putting out any Thanksgiving decorations and just giving my house a breather before the chaos of Christmas is upon us.

    Amazing costumes as always!


  2. The Queen Bee! Of course. :) Wouldn't expect any different from that Sammi girl!


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