Saturday, November 28, 2015

Holiday card time, Minted style

It's that time of year again - Christmas card time. Every single year I am scrambling by the first of November to organize ours. What will the kids wear? Background? Is it still warm enough to use natural light? Will I have it together in time for all the card discounts when they are start coming?

I used to just order super cheap postcards when it was just Jack. And then one year I got some free cards and they were so.lovely. And I was hooked on pretty cards from then on.

I love the stuff at Minted. Independent designers, on trend and GORGEOUS. When they contacted me this year they mentioned their Buy now, personalize later program. Say WHAT!? I can use the coupon I am always scrambling to be ready for before I am ready? Sign me up!

I didn't choose this Holiday card, but I LOVE this idea so much. Kids drawings are so sweet and let's be honest here - this is way easier than trying to wrangle three rowdy kids while the light is rapidly fading.

My kids are goofy as always. I'm okay with it. It's what they are.
 I love these ornament cards too. This is an awesome way for grandma and grandpa to be able to put all the Christmas cards to use every year.

 I usually gift my parents some kind of photo gift of the kids. Calendars, ornaments, you name it. The Silhouette Art adds a totally different dimension to that. Every mom had these in the 70s right? Why not have them of the grandkids too?  Heck, for me too! I finally got a set of our kids made last year.
 I ADORE this Heart snapshot mix. As soon as this post is done I am so making one of these with my instagram snapshots.

 There was so much good Foil stamped art too. I loved the state ones but then I saw this under the microscope one. Hello? Miss Biologist needs one of these stat.
 Minted is so good I always have the hardest time choosing when I am on their website.
Their black Friday sale is still going right now, you can get 15% off any order of holiday cards & gifts through tomorrow. And I have it on good authority that the cyber Monday sale will be awesome too! Go get those Christmas cards ordered!
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