Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Mad for plaid vintage quilt finish

A few weeks ago I picked up a quilt top for $5 at a garage sale.

I nearly left it there because it was not super exciting fabric wise, but for $5 I couldn't leave it. While I was waiting for fabric for the leaf quilt to arrive I decided to actually quilt it. It was super wonky and I wasn't sure it would work it out.

But it turned out pretty fab! 

Bonus points for being such a quick project. Should I happen upon any more cheap but perhaps not collection worthy quilt tops I will be buying them. Easiest way to a finished quilt ever.

It had this one odd block in pink. The rest of the blocks are so masculine.

I am trying to bust my stash a bit so as I was digging around I found a huge amount of this vintage fsbric I bought thinking I might make curtains. It has awesome pink houses on it. I thought the pink houses were a fun nod to the lone pink block.

As soon as grant spotted the trains he decided this was his quilt. It was already for him anyway. :)

No quilt of mine is complete without polka dots!

Jack is asking for a new quilt (even though he never, ever uses his...hmmmm.) and I am chewing on a few ideas for another male. Maybe there are more masculine quilts to come before Christmas? First the tree skirt though!


  1. LOVE it!! and the backing fabric is absolutely fabulous!!! Grant is a lucky little man :)

  2. I have often told Brian I wish our house was pink. Or how about turquoise? Or polka dot? HA! Love that quilt and am chomping at the bit to see this tree skirt you keep mentioning!



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