Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Glasses for Grant

Grant had a developmental screening at preschool two weeks ago and much to my surprise he failed both of their vision screenings.  I thought maybe he just wouldn't answer them (he is still pretty shy), but immediately scheduled the eye dr appointment anyway.

Because he is still so small it's mostly done with machines, but it turns out he has astigmatism.  So glasses it is! 

He's totally refusing to wear them though.


  1. He looks handsome in them!

  2. Grant looks so cute in his glasses!

  3. Grant looks so cute in his glasses!

  4. I teach kids who have visual impairments and are blind. Obviously Grant doesn't fit into that category but I have lots of experience with getting kids to wear glasses! It may take a while before he wears them full time. At first have him put them on right before he plays with something he really loves. Oftentimes the engagement with a toy, etc will make him forget the glasses.
    Have a little schedule for him where he gets a little treat when he's worn his glasses for x amount of time. Start out really low, like one minute. You don't want him to fail the very first time it's 5 minutes. Move it up steadily. Try having Jack and Sammi wear glasses too, maybe the whole family to give a sense of camaraderie! Let Grant decorate his glasses around the frames. Use the removable sticky putty and let him put sequins or feathers, etc. He can draw glasses on anything in his coloring book. Read "Arthur's Glasses."
    Hope this helps!


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