Friday, December 25, 2015

Waiting for Santa

The kids were pretty easy at the Santa visit this year. Sammi is at the magical age - she understands it all and is just so excited for every part of it. Grant had a little confusion about why Santa wasn't giving him presents RIGHT THEN, but this Santa was very patient and made sure he hadn't been feeling left out by the bigger, louder kids. 

The lists this year:

Jack actually had his ready in November, miracle. The gig is up for him this year (in a non event way really). 

Sammi has been pretty set on her top three for awhile now. 

And grant is just sure he needs a "big, big box of trains."

We also have the playmobil advent calendar going and this year I wrapped up 25 Christmas books (mostly ours with a few new ones) and put them under the tree so we can read a different book each night. Sammi loves this.

Sam has had an ear infection for two weeks that has not responded to treatment. Her tube has been leaking Iike crazy and on Sunday it started to bleed. A lot. Children's hospital said to get her into the Doctor right away on Monday, a task that proved quite difficult and took hours. Our much loved ent has been forced into retirement with a health problem, so it's a bugger finding a replacement. Finally on Monday an ent said her tubes need to come out stat as the ear is trying to grow over the tube because of the persistent infection, which is causing the bleeding. The only day he can do the surgery is Christmas Eve. Bad enough BUT we have planned a big surprise for the kids that night with (super expensive, hard to get) tickets for the polar express. I've hardly been able to sleep at night worrying about how this can possibly work out. Surgery at six am and train ride at six pm? It just doesn't seem like this can end well. 


  1. The kids pic with Santa is precious! I hope all goes really well with Sammi's ear and that your Polar Express adventure goes off without a hitch!

  2. Crossing fingers for a Christmas miracle that it all works out. Poor Sammi!


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