Saturday, January 02, 2016

Heart to heart 2016

Time to sign up for the 2016 heart to heart swap!

I bought these to use for mine this year, will I actually use them? Lol

So far I have seven emails, so we are half full. Some details for anyone else considering it:

You make 14 valentines (or whatever number of swappers we end up with, never more than 14 though) and mail them to me by February 1. These can be anything you want! Any material, any size (although 5x7 or smaller is much easier to ship.) I like to hang all of mine on a feather tree so I tend to make ornaments. In return you receive a box stuffed with 14 different valentines. All you need to do to sign up is email me. When the group is finalized I will email and ask for your PayPal address. I will invoice you for $5 to help cover return shipping costs. (PayPal makes it much much easier for me to ship them back out, so it is preferable to pay your shipping fee that way.)  

You can search heart to heart here on the blog to see what others have made. I think this is the tenth year?!

Sign ups will close Jan 7th.

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