Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Sammi portraits, 5

 I took Sammi for her five year portraits last week. I couldn't see the left side of her head or I REALLY would have fixed her hair there! Oy.
 The studio was REALLY not sure I should mix stripes and polka dots, which makes me LOLOLOL. I quilt! Mixing patterns is my passion.
 Plus, it's how Sam dresses most of the time anyway.
 This girl of mine. How can we be staring down kindergarten already?
I am not going to lie - I am NOT ready. At all. I did not feel this way with Jack, because he was SO, SO ready himself. But Sammi? She seems so little still. I am starting to have some angst about my time with her at home coming to an end. It's been so bloody hard for awhile, this having two very small people at once thing. But now it's starting to be easier. They can do things! They play together! They use the toilet! Gone are the days of two cribs, and two in diapers and two in a stroller. Those days were awful a lot of the time because of the sheer volume of work involved. Now they are crazy and joyful and fun little people and I cannot even begin to believe she is leaving me soon.


I blame turning 40, it's seriously turned the tide on my view of life. When I stop think that hey, 50% of my life is very likely over it's bizarre. And it definitely starts to cast a rosier glow on life in general. Who has time for nonsense now?

Not I.

And I obviously have no time for letting go of my little beauty just yet either.



  1. Sammi is so cute!! It makes me smile to see her picture and the boys too!!

  2. Sammi is just adorable, I love her dress! She's going to do great in kindergarten and she's always going to be your baby girl :)


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