Sunday, January 10, 2016

Hapde burfday Sammi

And just like that, sammi is five today! It snowed for the first time this year yesterday. She and I talked about how lucky she is to get such a special gift almost every year on her birthday.

Dear Sammi,

At five you are :
A bright shining girl. No really. People are just drawn to you, no matter where we go and you have a innate way with people. 
Very emotionally intelligent, you are able to read faces in a way that is amazing actually. 
In love with rainbows.
Sassy, oh boy, sassy.
Looking forward to kindergarten and riding the bus.
A very good big sister and little sister too! You are kind to grant and always helping him and yet you and jack are thick as thieves these days.
A fashionista. 
A questioner. Of everything. All the things, all the time.
Pretty easy going.
Super, super excited to switch car seats.
Petite, only 37 lbs still!
A bit of a homebody, you like days off from school. 
A craft fanatic. You want to do all the crafts, all the time. BUT! You never want to finish a single one of them. 
Still biting. Really? Ugh.
The pickiest of picky eaters. No fruit or veg shall pass your lips.
Building your first Lego set as we speak. 
Still my amazing, beautiful, brown eyed girl. I feel so blessed to have you baby girl. 

Happy birthday, 


  1. Happy Birthday, Sammi!!

    Can't believe she is 5! She is so precious!

  2. Happy, happy 5th Birthday Sammi!

  3. Happy, happy 5th Birthday Sammi!

  4. Happy Day - Happy Birthday Sammi :)

  5. Happy Day - Happy Birthday Sammi :)


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