Saturday, February 27, 2016

Fancy fox quilt for a very special baby

Making baby quilts is just the best really. Especially when it's for a miracle baby! Somehow those years of infertility have just never left my heart and I have a little party when folks struggling with infertility have a new baby. 

These foxes have been gifted to a miracle boy. 

I had to sew it on three different machines due to a bernina failure, which left me with wildly inconsistent seam allowances. To compensate I offset the rows. I also has to quilt it on my new juki, which was not my favorite without a walking foot. 

I'm  mostly happy with it though. It's a bit fiddly making so many blocks for a baby quilt though!

Fabrics from stash and Joann 
Cotton couture for this navy 
Bamboo batting 

Made with love for baby Morgan!

(I've actually had some machine drama over here which resulted in my buying a juki tl98q as a backup to the bernina. I love how it sews and think it might be my piecing machine while the bernina remains my quilting machine. We shall see though. I actually am off to pick up the bernina and I'm like a kid at Christmas! Lol)


  1. What an adorable quilt! I love the colors. My mom is the same way- she has her main sewing machine, her back-up, her old back-up, her quilting machine, etc., etc...When I learned to sew in the 80's, my choices of machine to learn on was the treadle sewing machine or the one from the 50's where you had to use your knee instead of a foot pedal(I wasn't allowed to use her good machine while learning).I think she still has those machines-they were made to last,lol.

  2. Love this quilt! Did you make the pattern yourself?


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