Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Flea market finds

Over the weekend we went to an indoor garage sale. It's not huge, but I always buy something. A lot of somethings this year.
 A child sized musical tin cake plate.
 Tin tea set. Getting closer to enough cups for that tea cup tree!
 Small jadeite planter.
 A very small german egg. Toadstools!
 A vintage doll quilt.
 Plastic egg garland. I have some of this already and I waffled a bit, but I think I do use it every year. I left more of it there, hope I don't regret that.
 A long minty crochet runner.
 Valentine knee hugger. Score! I found this wandering aimlessly through a second time. I have had just one of these for years and years.
 Vintage kid's clothes. Why cannot I resist these?
Plus a cutter quilt. I've been stashing quilts for another instagram sale soon.

Not a bad few hours!

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