Sunday, February 21, 2016

Flea market Sunday

We've had quite a stretch of warm weather for a few days, so the flea market is hopping again.  I bought all the things. Lol

Another German egg, complete with gnome.

The sweetest signature quilt ever,

Santa Claus!

I'm still dying over it's sweetness.

How cute is she?
Gorgeous vintage ribbons. (More pink, must be a pink week.)
This nesting hen is so.tiny. Like silver dollar sized?

And these garden lights are HUGE! Regular light bulb sized.

$1 for a mirror? Umm, yes please!
More quilts? Oh my. This is a Missouri Daisy.

Pity about the middle here, this is actually a beautiful cantaloupe color.

I've been collecting quilts for another Instagram quilt soon.

And a Dozen of these painted eggs. 

More toadstools.

Painted eggs hold a particularLy soft spot in my heart thanks to a long ago love.

Happy Sunday to you! Hope you are enjoying some sun where you are too.

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  1. Well I'm glad someone had good luck at the flea market this weekend. Mine sucked so bad! I bought two things. This never happens but has been the norm for the last few weekends. Ugh. Hopefully things will pick up when our weather gets warmer.

    That quilt is the sweetest for sure. Looks to be in great shape too!



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