Sunday, March 27, 2016


 Eggs have been dyed.

 Jack had a fit.

 Baskets consumed. (Grant has seriously eaten 14 lbs of candy.)
 (All this girl wanted was a snackeez. She was on and on about will the Easter bunny bring her what she REALLY wants?)
Jack got up at 4 bloody am.
 Ear photos have been taken.

 Insanity ensued.
 Eggs have been hunted, both here and at church. Sam found the golden egg at church. (Why didn't I take a pic?)
Church was attended. Jack had a fit.

Cascarones were broken.

I had to squeeze in a home appraisal on Weds (with 12 hours notice), preschool party room mothering on Thursday, a day trip to a flea on Friday followed by insane running around as we had to have our family Easter on an emergency on Saturday (With 12 hours notice). By today? I AM DEAD.

Now it's time for me to blow that diet and eat chocolate. And pea salad. And then some more chocolate.

Happy Easter!


  1. Pea salad! Be still my heart.....Janet

  2. I just don't think holidays would be the same for me without chaos....

    You got some good pics, though!


  3. What is pea salad??? and what are cascarones? The eggs came out great; how did you make that marbled pattern?


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