Sunday, March 06, 2016

Flea market Sunday

Yesterday was a once a year fundraising flea market. Every year this thing gets bigger and bigger. (Sadly it doesn't mean there is more to buy!)

Yesterday's loot:

More fabric books. I guess some day I ought to make that quilt?

A super fun Hooked rug. I wish I knew how to determine hand made vs mass produced with these.

Silk strawberry embroidery.

This quilt is tattered but it so charming. 

Loads of pastels and novelty prints.

The pattern name is listed as sky rocket in The Collectors Dictionary of Quilt Names and Patterns.

This is an unusual pattern for a vintage quilt. Loads of skinny rows here, a ton of sewing! 

Pretty, eh?

And a pile of valentines.

Not bad for three hours, five miles and freeeeeezing cold wind!

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  1. Love that old, tattered quilt. I have a few like that in my collection that I should probably just send your way :-)



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