Monday, March 28, 2016

Flea market Sunday

On good Friday, Dave amd I went to a big vintage forever market. This is one of those curated shows - paid admission, crafters, repurposers, etc. I'm just going to say it now - I don't think I enjoy those very much. I keep trying, but meh. It's like Pinterest blew up (or threw up maybe). 

Anyway, I bought two things.

A gorgeous springy tablecloth. (I seem to be back on the tablecloth wagon after only selling them for two years.)
And a rather pricey quilt top I could not forget about. The pattern is plain...

But that purple! 

Taking town the Easter today and plotting something new for the mantle. You can see it on Instagram. :)

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  1. A lot of the "antique" stores around here are starting to look a little to Pinterest-y. Annoying!

    Love the tablecloth. Weather is supposed to be warming up around here so I will be able to start washing and hanging the ones I've been picking up.



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