Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Sewing and bunny three

I've been sewing a little. But only a little because I've been "dieting" (don't get me started) and I swear it takes me entire life to get 10,000 steps and count calories and still manage the kids and the house. Amd it's not doing a damn thing. So, yea. 

I needed a less filthy couch pillow. This is an embroidered hankie.

I was flipping through old magazines in the yard and saw this and started making it right then. It's something new for me - quilt as you go. This is a hexie log cabin pattern. It's an interesting method. Satisfying, easy enough. Not exactly fast though (although this would have been hard to piece in the regular way). And it wasted quite a bit of fabric. But! I had a fat eighth bundle of heather Ross that I really had no good use for. I do LOVE the results. 

And the last bunny, for Jack, who still wants to fill his entire bed with stuffies. So I went large and pillow like. I just was winging it here, combining a few ideas from Pinterest with no real pattern.

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  1. Jack's bunny is my favorite! My stupid Garmin fitness tracker keeps increasing my steps every day. I have a hard enough time keeping up with the 10k!



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