Friday, April 29, 2016

Doggone cute puppy quilt

My latest quilt finish is the doggone cute quilt. This was a gift for my cousins new baby.  It was a ton of very, very tiny fidgety little pieces. I thought I might have to pull all of my hair out! 

There are eight different styles of dogs, each dog had to be cut and sewn one at a time. The eyes START as 1x1 inch squares before you add four 1/4 inch seams!
I am so glad I perservered though. The result is adorable. And this was a good quilting lesson in several ways. One - I can do pretty complicated quilts now. Two - rip and rip again. Three - I learned a serious amount about how pieces go together to make shapes and how to line up seam allowances.
I had the perfect tiny dot for the binding and it really felt like it tied it together.
The quilt has one very special dog, his bow tie is made from her daddy's shirt. He passed away last year and I saved every scrap after I finished a memory quilt knowing they would come in handy for other quilts.

When Sammi saw the bow tie block she said, " mommy, this is a very nice doggie quilt, but why does one have a ribbon and the others don't?" I told her it was a piece of someone's daddy's shirt. "Oh! When she sees it she will think of him! "  

Smart girl.

Doggone cute (pattern available at sew fresh quilts)
Made March, 2016
For baby Lane


  1. Such a cute quilt! Love the bow tie, what a thoughtful touch!

  2. I think you improved on the design with the bowtie! All of the little doggies need them now but that would make an already fiddly quilt pattern even more tricky.

  3. Awww Sarah, that made me cry! What an adorable little baby quilt -- really, SUPER cute! I've so enjoyed watching you quilt over the years and watching your skills improve -- I've been thinking that with the last few quilts -- you're finishing is beautiful now!!!


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