Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Grant, this moment

Oh grant. He is just SO three right now. Pushing all the buttons, pushing all the limits. 

Insisting that he cannot get out of bed unless his father gets him up, even though said father had been at work for an hour already. (The phone worked once he calmed down a bit.)

The other day he told he has a girlfriend at school called Nora. When asked what his favorite thing about Nora was, he replied "she has barrettes in her hair." Awwww. (And last night he was quite sad to discover Nora had not been at school that day!)

Asking all the questions -

Mom, what are the birds tweeting? (I will admit I laughed because it made sound like the birds were on Twitter.)

Mom, why are the damn gumballs all over the road? (Because we just keep raking and raking and they never end and the lawn guy blew a bunch in the street!)

Yesterday the street sweeper came through. Grant is obsessed with construction trucks, so we went to the driveway to watch. The guy pulled the truck over close to us so he could see but it scared the crap out of him and he took off running into the garage as fast as he could! I laughed so hard.  He's so much like my brother when he was little - he would run screaming away from everything!

What isn't so funny are the flipping EPIC temper tantrums he has right now thar are so bad they make me actually cry! I survived Jack at three and man, this kid is giving that one a run for his money. Oy.

P.S. The glasses attract a lot of attention. It's made him very outgoing! He stops and says hello to every.single.person he  can. What an unexpected change!

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