Monday, April 04, 2016

Spur of the moment felt dress up play book

I'd been trying for days to come up with a gift for a little girl when I had a flash one afternoon. I've had a yard of wee gallery dress up fabric and a yard of the wee gallery dress up clothes fabric for awhile now thinking I might make a quilt for Sammi. So  I fussy cut some of it and combined it with wool blend felt to make a little book. 
The pages are six by six squares. I was going to embroider words in the left large margin, but I decided it's fine as is. I might do it on the next one though.
My kids have already dressed then up several times. (Hence the need for another - one for us!)

The back cover has a large pocket to hold all the clothes. 
This is not all of them. There are shoes and bags and accessories, girl clothes, boy clothes, etc. After a bit of trial and error I settled on fusing the clothes to one sided fusible fleece. It makes them sturdy and the fleece on the back sticks fairly well to the doll figures.
I sewed fabric tape to the binding so it was tidy amd hiding the put together seams.

And I fused a label to the inside cover to hide the cover embroidery. Next time I think I will add a 
Piece of felt there first, it's a little blah.

This was a quick, satisfying project and hopefully it will be well received!


  1. What a darling gift for a lucky girl!

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