Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Man, the flea market/junk scene hasn't been good to me lately. Despite hitting an estate sale, the flea, ten garage sales...I bought nothing. 

I did thrift a few winners though:

Old sleeping bag with best floral print ever. Hello new picnic blanket!
A $3!!! Bernina. This was a thrifting dream come true. I've looked at every thrift store sewing machine for ten years hoping to find a Bernina. This is a cheap model, but perfect for the kids and Dave (since I won't let them touch my quilting machines!)

And a gorgeous pile of vintage fabric scraps. 

I have been so, so, so tired lately. Dead tired. I don't know if something is wrong with me or what, but I am barely functional lately. Ugh! I need it to pass NOW please.


  1. Love the fabric scraps and nice score on the sewing machine! Hope the tiredness goes away quickly for you!

  2. You should take those amazing fabric scraps and make a wreath like the one I tagged you in last week!

    Wake up, Sarah! There are quilts to be made :-)


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