Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Repaired - vintage cantaloupe quilt

A few months ago at the flea I bought this lovely quilt. I was prepping for an Instagram quilt sale at the time, and added it to the sell pile. I even took the pics to sell it. But I couldn't do it. Aside From the strange hole in the center field it was in very good condition and I couldn't stand the thought of it being cut up!

Ugly hole. I emailed Martha at q is for quilter (sorry for no link, on the iPad), and asked if there was any hope of ever finding a close enough color to fix it. I had already been through my stash and unsuccessfully bought three more useless yards of fabric on line that didn't match at all. 

Martha told me to find the closest dmc thread match I could find and let her know the number. She was then able to use that thread to look in her stash for a match. As if turned out she had a pretty close match in a 10 inch square. She graciously mailed it me along with excellent directions on how to go about fixing that hole.
I followed her directions and spent an afternoon repairing it. 
The color was a little lighter, but once it was washed :

You can't tell at all! Even I have to really go hunting for my repair.

Another successful save! 

A huge thank you to Martha for her help. I have another repair already finished and another waiting in my pile...


  1. Thank you so much for the tip of matching the fabric to DMC floss. You did a great job fixing the quilt!I'm a sucker for butter yellow.

  2. Very clever idea to use DMC floss for matching fabric colors. It looks great after the repair.


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