Sunday, June 26, 2016

Flea market Sunday

I managed to hit a garage sale yesterday that was actually good!
Gorgeous quilt (destined to b sold).
Quilt I am still deciding on.

Lovely green for the kitchen.



Aprons - one for my mom, on for me.

Tablecloths. I think I have that Christmas one already, I need to look.

I'm off to do the grocery shopping. Yippee? Lol.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Flea market finds

Even the summer weeks seem busy as hell, no? 

I am plotting my next quilt already. 

I registered Sam for kindy yesterday after much, much debate. (In the end it was something jack to me that flipped my switch. He mentioned that he doesn't even remember kindy to me last week. It was really hard to find a good fit for him too, and he only has two memories of it! Last week the little kids went to vbs, so he and I had a lot of time together. ) anyway, she and I have been working together and her skills have improved tremendously. She has even started to read!

On to the junk:
Pile o' freezer baskets. 
Piece o' repro fabric. I am working on a 30s hexie quilt.

A tiny photo album marked with her name and 1930 inside.
Tea cups. I'm still dreaming of a tea cup tree for the foyer.
My first beaded flowers! I always have some of these in my eBay watch list. These were a $1. Score!
Vintage Cake toppers. I have 14 now. It's a surprisingly hard collection to grow.
Cutest apron ever.
And a sweet quilt.

Speaking of quilts - I've cleared some out again and they are available on Instagram. It's really the only place I sell anything these days, but if you see one you want on fb or there you can email me about it too.

Off to get grant a haircut! Busy, busy.:)

Monday, June 20, 2016

A Father's Day quilt for Dave

As I was deciding what quilt to make next, I decided it was Dave's turn. 

Simple half square triangles turned not so simple when I had to buy the black and white print from alL corners of the earth - including Alaska! But it was the prefect compliment to the New Bedford prints, so well worth doing. 
To personalize it I put the kids initials in the corners. It's backed in chambray, which was a new choice for me  but it seemed suited to the masculine prints. 

They were surprisingly easy to make (I have an improv alphabet book). 
Then I embroidered on their hand prints. 

Happy Father's Day to my one and only!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Hapde Fadder's Day

Oy, these kids are just total chaos all the time right now. I mean TOTAL CHAOS. My house is chaos, my car is chaos, trying to take these photos was chaos, even trying to use this new computer is chaos. Awesome.

Happy Fathers day to the man who lives the chaos with me every day.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Flea market Sunday

Flea market Sunday and it's a boiling hot one today! I had to get everyone rounded up and in the car by 7 am and even then it was still so warm. 

Some of these are from last week, but it akways surprises me how I go in spurts of buying in a particular color scheme without thinking About it. Seems like it's been a blue and white week lately! 

Pink depression glass. 
The cutest appliqué on an apron. 
Dresser set for repurposing?
Fabric. I need a pillow on my porch swing, maybe I can eek one out of the blue, it's pretty small.
A pot. Orchid already in it.
This is so nicely done, wouldn't it be a cute throw pillow?
Big linen napkins. We use cloth napkins but mine are getting very Holey. (Such is the danger of using vintage linens every day! )
These are big. Huge. Probably four or six inchers.
Nice sized toddler quilt.

It's very well done, but her thread color choice is so light you can barely see it. (Oh hello feet, oops.) each block is a different nursery rhyme. 

The little kids have vbs this week in the mornings and I am looking forward to ALL THE THRIFTING! 

Sunday, June 05, 2016

See you next year Thomas!

We took the kids to Baldwin City, KS to ride on Thomas again this weekend.  I am not even sure how many times we've done that now, but I am committed to doing it until they do not want to do it anymore! Baldwin City always does a very nice job putting on this event and I love that picturesque little part of Kansas. The sky is always so blue and full of gorgeous puffy clouds!

Anyway, the pictures can do the talking.

 This year was special - Percy was there too. The cars for Percy were old dining cars - much different than the Thomas experience.

Peep! Peep! See ya next year Thomas (and Kansas too!)