Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Flea market finds

Even the summer weeks seem busy as hell, no? 

I am plotting my next quilt already. 

I registered Sam for kindy yesterday after much, much debate. (In the end it was something jack to me that flipped my switch. He mentioned that he doesn't even remember kindy to me last week. It was really hard to find a good fit for him too, and he only has two memories of it! Last week the little kids went to vbs, so he and I had a lot of time together. ) anyway, she and I have been working together and her skills have improved tremendously. She has even started to read!

On to the junk:
Pile o' freezer baskets. 
Piece o' repro fabric. I am working on a 30s hexie quilt.

A tiny photo album marked with her name and 1930 inside.
Tea cups. I'm still dreaming of a tea cup tree for the foyer.
My first beaded flowers! I always have some of these in my eBay watch list. These were a $1. Score!
Vintage Cake toppers. I have 14 now. It's a surprisingly hard collection to grow.
Cutest apron ever.
And a sweet quilt.

Speaking of quilts - I've cleared some out again and they are available on Instagram. It's really the only place I sell anything these days, but if you see one you want on fb or there you can email me about it too.

Off to get grant a haircut! Busy, busy.:)


  1. That tea cup tree is getting closer....

  2. Can't wait to see the teacup tree!

  3. Amazing finds. Love the last quilts and those freezer baskets.


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